August 21 – On This Day In History

21 August

What happened today in history?

  • 1770 James Cook claims eastern Australia for Great Britain, calling it New South Wales.
  • 1959 – Hawaii is admitted to the United States as the 50th state of the union.


Who was born today?

  • 1936 - Wilt Chamberlain -  American basketball player.
  • 1952 – Joe Strummer – English singer-songwriter (The Clash).
  • 1986 – Usain Bolt – Jamaican sprinter.


Who died today?

  • 1940 – Leon Trotsky -  Russian politician.
  • 1988 - Ray Eames - American architect (the Eames House).

August 17 – On This Day In History

17 August What happened today in history? 1668 - 8000 are killed by an earthquake in Anatolia, Ottoman Empire. 1771 – The first recorded ascent of Ben Nevis is completed by James Robertson, a Scottish botanist. 1982 – First compact discs (CDs) are released to the public. 2008 – Michael Phelps becomes the first winner of 8Continue Reading

August 16 – On This Day In Hisotry

16 August What happened today in history? 1513 - Battle of the Spurs (Battle of Guinegate). King Henry VIII  and his allies defeat French forces. 1819 – Peretloo Massacre -17 people are killed and hundreds injured when cavalry charge at a public meeting at St Peter’s Field in Manchester, England. 1960 – Cyprus gains its independence formContinue Reading

August 15 – On This Day In History

15 August What happened today in history? 1519 - Panama City is founded in Panama. 1843 – Tivoli Gardens, one of the world’s oldest amusement parks, opens in Copenhagen, Denmark. 1914 – The first ship (SS Ancon) passes through the Panama Canal. 1914 – Battle of Cer starts (the first Allied victory of World War 1).Continue Reading

Eric Carle: Facts and Information

Here are some facts about Eric Carle. Eric Carle is best known for being a children’s author, although he is also an illustrator and designer. He has written and illustrated over 60 books. His most famous book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Since its publication in 1969, the picture book has sold over 38 million copiesContinue Reading

John Constable: Facts and Information

Here are some facts about John Constable. John Constable was an English Romantic painter and landscape painter. His most famous work is The Hay Wain, painted in 1851 and now one of the most popular of British paintings. Constable was born in Suffolk in June, 1776 and painted many landscapes around his home. The areaContinue Reading

World Cup Facts

Here are some facts about the World Cup. The World Cup is an international football (soccer) competition between FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) countries. It has been held every 4 years since 1930, except 1942 and 1946. Brazil has played in every competition and has won the World Cup 5 times up to 2014.Continue Reading