15 Michael Morpurgo Facts

Here are 15 facts about Michael Morpurgo, the famous English children’s author.

  • Michael Morpurgo was born on 5th October 1943 in St Albans, Hertfordshire.
  • He has written over 100 books. Private Peaceful was his 100th title.
  • After graduating from university, Michael became a primary school teacher in Kent.
  • He writes all of his books in exercise books. He doesn’t work on a desk, instead he sits on his bed, propped up with pillows.
  • His favourite animals are elephants.
  • Some of his favourite authors include: Robert Louis Stevenson, Rudyard Kipling and Ted Hughes.
  • He dislikes the process of editing and rewriting.
  • Michael Morpurgo enjoys watching TV. He particularly likes documentaries.
  • Michael set up the Farms for City Children project with his wife, Clare. It gives deprived urban children a chance to work on a farm and enjoy the benefits of being outdoors in the countryside.
  • Michael was given an OBE in 2006.
  • In 2003 he became the Children’s Laureate, becoming the third person to fulfill the role.
  • He has three children: Sebastian, Horatio and Rosalind, and several grandchildren.
  • He likes listening to Mozart, but he can only write in a silent room.
  • Michael loved French at school and he went on to study this subject at university.
  • He likes eating prawns.


Books by Michael Morpurgo

Here is a list of some of Michael’s most well-known books.

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  1. i love friend or foe and wombat goes walk about and i am currently reading the butterfly lion in literacy the start is really good but we have only got to the 4th chapter hope it is good.

  2. My favourite book by Michael Morpurgo is My Friend Walter, This website is really good to
    find facts on him and really interesting things.

  3. This website has been REALLY useful.Our homework in my class,YR6 Ysgol Kingsland is to do a detailed profile of our favourite author. Mine is MichaelMorpurgo so I looked him up and chose this website. I never thought it would be good but I’ve already finished my homework!Great site

  4. A few years ago I went to the Dubai Literary Festival and bought Michael Morpugos books for my four grand children and then queued up to have them signed by him. His Q was so long that the organisers announced that he would sign only one book per person. I was dismayed so when my turn came I said to him that if he signed only one book there would be a lot heartache. With a smile he said there was enough heartache in the world so he would sign all four ! To my mind not only is he an excellent writer but a kind an humane person who understands human nature and very especially children .

  5. you don’t know how much i love kensukes kingdom and all the rest of Michal Morpurgos books there so cool and interesting p.s my homework is to right a fact file about him.

  6. Michael morpurgo is a really good book writer . I have homework on this.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ™‚πŸ˜œπŸ€“

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