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Magic & Maths

Magic & Maths

Coming soon! Magic & Maths – A text-based adventure in the style of Fighting Fantasy and Choose Your Own Adventure.

Use your creativity and your maths knowledge to battle monsters, overcome obstacles and solve problems as you journey through the enchanted lands of Numbria.

You are the main character of this story. Step up an be the hero.

The first quest will be posted on Primary Facts soon, so please visit us again soon.

While you’re waiting for the first quest to appear, check out these amazing game books.

John Boyd Dunlop: Facts and Information

Here are some facts about John Boyd Dunlop. John Boyd Dunlop was a Scottish vet and inventor. He is best known for his work in developing the first pneumatic or inflatable tyre, a device still used today. Dunlop was born in Scotland in 1840, and moved to Ireland at age 27. He established a large… Continue Reading