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Famous Mathematicans

Famous MathematicansWelcome to the Primary Facts page all about famous mathematicians and physicists.

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Percentage Games (Maths Games for Kids)

Click on the links below to play games designed to help you improve your knowledge and understanding of percentage, and how it is linked to fractions and decimals. All of the links will take you to percentage games on other websites. None of the games have been created by Primary Facts. Percentage Park (by Science Kids) –… Continue Reading

Fraction Games (Maths Games for Kids)

Below are some links to some great fraction games. The links will take you away from this site, and none of the games have been produced by Primary Facts. Pizza Fractions (by Soft Schools) – Divide a pizza by using your knowledge of fractions. Animal Rescue (by Sheppard Schools) – Rescue animals by correctly placing… Continue Reading