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Anglo-Saxon Religion: Paganism

Before their conversion to Christianity in the 7th and 8th centuries, the Anglo-Saxon’s worshipped a range of different gods and carried out a variety of religious practices. The Anglo-Saxon tribes weren’t united until the 7th century, and each tribe had it’s own identity and traditions. As a result, it’s important to note that there were… Continue Reading

Danegeld: Facts and Information

Here are some facts about the Danegeld. The Danegeld was a tax paid to Viking raiders, to stop them from attacking the coast and invading. It might be viewed as a form of protection money, although the literal translation was ‘Dane tribute’. In England the tax was first collected in 868. It became a regular… Continue Reading

Anglo-Saxons: Facts, Information and Resources

Welcome to the Anglo-Saxon section of Primary Facts. Use the links below to find the information you’re looking for. Who were the Anglo-Saxons? Kings and Kingdoms What did the Anglo-Saxons eat? What did the Anglo-Saxons wear? Alfred the Great Farms and Farming Anglo-Saxon Jewellery Anglo-Saxon Chronicles Sutton Hoo Offa’s Dyke Athelstan Edward the Confessor Harold… Continue Reading

Offa’s Dyke: Facts and Information

Here are some interesting facts about Offa’s Dyke. Offa’s Dyke is a large earthwork, which roughly follows the border between England and Wales. In the 8th century, it marked the border between the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia in England and the Welsh kingdom of Powys. England at that time was divided into several independent kingdoms.… Continue Reading