Angel Falls: Facts About the Highest Waterfall in the World

Here are some facts about Angel Falls:

  • Angel Falls is the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world with a longest drop of 807 metres. It’s height is 979 metres.
  • The waterfall is about a hundred and fifty metres wide at the base, which feeds into a river known as the Kerep.

  • Angel Falls is located in the Canaima National Park, the largest national park in Venezuela and the third largest park in the world.
  • It’said that under certain conditions, you can feel tiny water drop splashes from the waterfall when you are a kilometre away from Angel Falls.
  • Angel Falls was actually discovered accidentally when an aviator named Jimmy Angel crashed his plane at the top of the waterfall.  Jimmy was flying with his wife and they both had to walk out of the jungle, a task which took twelve days to complete. The waterfall is named after him.
  • During warmer and drier seasons, the water of Angel Falls evaporates even before it touches the ground, forming a mist.
  • During the rainy season, Angel Falls splits into two waterfalls.
  • The waterfall is about 3230 metres above the Venezuelan jungle.
  • Angel Falls is also referred to as Salto Angel or by its local names Tulume Bena.
  • The Paradise Falls in the Disney movie Up are inspired by Angel Falls.
  • Some people believe that Sir Walter Raleigh was the first European to see Angel Falls, but most historians think this is very unlikely.
  • Angel Falls is Venezuela’s key tourist attractions.

Check out this fantastic video clip of Angel Falls.

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