Interesting Facts About Adam Blade and the Beast Quest Books

Here are some facts about the Beast Quest books and their author, Adam Blade.

Facts About the Beast Quest Books

  • The Beast Quest books are a series of fantasy novels published for children by Orchard Books in the UK and by Scholastic in the US.
  • The books are written by Adam Blade (see below).

  • The books follow the adventures of Tom and Elenna as they attempt to undo the evil curses placed upon the Beasts that protect it.
  • Some of the books come with special Beast Quest collector cards.
  • The kingdoms featured in the Beast Quest books are: avantia, Gorgonia, Gwildor, Kayonia, Tavania, Henkrall and Seraph.
  • Tom, the hero of the books, rides a horse called Storm and his catchphrase is: While there’s blood in my veins!
  • There are now over 80 different Beast Quest books.
  • The first books came out in 2007.

Adam Blade Facts

These facts have been taken from the Adam Blade author biography on the official Beast Quest website (check it out here).

  • Adam Blade was born in Kent in England. Both his mother and father were history teachers.
  • His father enjoyed painting English battle scenes and he had an old sword and shield hanging in his office.
  • The sword, shield and the battle paintings inspired Adam to create the Beast Quest books.
  • Adam’s hobbies include: fencing, playing football and visiting museums. He also enjoys visiting the sites of famous battles.
  • He has two pets – Ziggy the tarantula and Omer the capuchin monkey. These exotic animals inspired the Arachnid and Claw who appear in the Beast Quest books.
  • In addition to writing the Beast Quest series, Adam Blade has also begun a series of Sea Quest books.

Is Adam Blade a real person?

It has been suggested that Adam Blade is a pseudonym for four authors who write the Beast Quest books. In other words, ‘Adam Blade’ is actually four people who call themselves Adam Blade when they publish the Beast Quest books.

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12 thoughts to “Interesting Facts About Adam Blade and the Beast Quest Books”

  1. I am reading ? Vedra and Krimon and I am
    Up to chapter four.

  2. My son is doing a homework about adam blade. If its a pseudonym, its gonna be a big problem because he was told to draw a picture of the author.

  3. Thank you Adam Blade. My son loves your books and is now reading great because he WANTS to see what happens next.
    Thank you from California!!

  4. i have read 59 books of Beast Quest.I love Adam Blade.

  5. I am doing homework on Adam Blade and I need to write him a letter is ther an address that I can send it to?

    1. If you write a letter to Adam Blade and send it to Orchard Books, Adam Blade’s publisher, they will forward it to Adam Blade. You can find the address for Orchard Books in the front pages of a Beast Quest book. Hope this helps.

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