20 Harry Styles Facts

Here are twenty facts about Harry Styles from the English boy band, One Direction.

  • Harry Styles is a member of One Direction (along with Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson). The band was put together during the 2010 series of The X Factor talent show and finished third.

  • Harry was born on 1st February 1994 and he comes from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.
  • He attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School.
  • His mother is called Anne Cox and his father is called Des Styles. He has an older sister called Gemma.
  • He used to have a part-time job in a bakery.
  • Before taking part in The X Factor, Harry was the lead singer in the band White Eskimo, formed with some of his school friends.
  • Harry has stated that The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Coldplay and Kings of Leon have been among his musical influences.
  • Harry Styles dated Caroline Flack, the Xtra Factor presenter, who was 15 years older than him.
  • He supports Manchester United Football Club and he love to meet David Beckham.
  • He is good friends with singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, and Ed has written several songs for One Direction.
  • His favourite movies include: Love Actually and The Notebook.
  • Harry likes building LEGO sets and he can juggle and knit.
  • He loves animals and he once had a pet hamster called Hamster and a dog called Max.
  • He is scared of snakes.
  • He gets bad hay-fever.
  • Harry is the youngest member of One Direction.
  • He doesn’t like girls who smoke or swear.
  • The name One Direction was Harry’s idea.
  • If he wasn’t a pop star, Harry thinks he’d probably be a physiotherapist.
  • He often sleep-talks.

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