Hurricane Sandy Facts

Here are some facts about Hurricane Sandy, the devastating hurricane of 2012.

  • Hurricane Sandy was the most destructive of the 2012 hurricane season, as well as one of the costliest ever. It is estimated to have caused about $75 billion in damage and killed over 285 people.

  • Sandy made landfall on several of the islands in the Caribbean, as well as in Brigantine, New Jersey, on October 26. However, it caused damage in 24 states in the eastern US.
  • Hurricane Sandy extended about 175 miles from its centre, and the strong winds could be felt up to 1,100 miles away. Its highest winds measured about 115 mph.
  • Hurricane Sandy was the first hurricane to make landfall in Jamaica for 24 years. It caused about 70 percent of the island to lose power, stranded over 100 fishermen and destroyed the roofs of many buildings.
  • Several states prepared for the storm in advance. Almost 50,000 Air Force and National Guard members were on standby, about 5,000 flights were cancelled and many schools closed.
  • In parts of New York, bicycles were used to generate power to recharge laptop computers and cell phones. At one point, in New York alone, about 2 million people were without power.
  • The storm affected preparations for the upcoming election at the time, with both Obama and Romney having to cancel dozens of events. It also forced the New York Stock Exchange to close for two days.
  • Over a million people in the storm’s path were ordered to evacuate. The Red Cross estimated that it offered temporary housing to about 11,000 people.
  • Because Hurricane Sandy was so large and powerful, it was nicknamed a Frankenstorm.
  • A Hurricane Sandy concert to benefit the victims took place on 12-12-12. Among those performing were The Who, Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney.

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