Mont Ventoux Facts

Here are some facts about Mont Ventoux.

  • Mont Ventoux is located in the Provence region of France.
  • It is about 1900 metres high and is easily the highest point in the region.

  • The mountain is known as the Beast of Provence, and some people refer to it as the Bald Mountain.
  • Mont Ventoux is associated with very strong winds and, at the summit, wind speeds of more than 200 mph have been recorded. The roads high up on the slopes are often closed as a result of the strong gusts.
  • The peak of Mont Ventoux is bare limestone. It looks like the summit of Mont Ventoux is covered with snow all year, but this is not the case. It is only snow-capped in the winter months.
Mont Ventoux
The summit of Mont Ventoux (Source)
  • A chapel was built at the summit of Mont Ventoux in the 15th century.
  • Several species of spiders and butterflies can only be found on the slopes of Mont Ventoux.
  • Mont Ventoux is famous for its links to the Tour de France bicycle race. An ascent of Mont Ventoux has been part of the Tour de France more than ten times and it has often been the the site of the Tour de France finish line.
  • In 1967, Tom Simpson, a British cyclist competing in the Tour de France, died on Mont Ventoux. He was suffering from heat exhaustion. A memorial to him has been erected on the mountain close to the spot where he died.
  • The cycle ride from Bedoin to Mont Ventoux is thought to be one of the most physically challenging climbs in the world.

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