Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses: Isis Facts

Here are some facts about Isis, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess.

  • Isis was the daughter of Geb (God of the Earth) and Nut (Goddess of the Sky).
  • Osiris was both the brother and husband of Isis. In some of the Ancient Egyptian myths, Horus is their son.

  • Isis was associated with many different things and she was worshiped by different groups for different reasons. She was associated with motherhood, fertility, children, nature, and magic.


  • Her name means ‘throne’, and a her headdress is often depicted as a throne.
  • Isis helped to resurrect Osiris following his dismemberment by Set.
  • According to some of the myths, the annual flooding of the Nile River was caused by the tears Isis wept for Osiris.
  • Worship of Isis extended beyond Ancient Egypt. Throughout the Roman Empire evidence can be found of temples constructed in her honour.
  • In one of the myths, Isis uses her magical powers to heal Horus (her son) from the sting of a scorpion.
  • She is often depicted nursing the baby Horus.

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