July 12 – On This Day In History

12 July

Today is called Orangemen’s Day or The Twelth. It is a celebration of the Protestant William of Orange’s victory over the Catholic King James II (Battle of the Boyne). Protestant marching bands and Members of the Orange Order take part in parades all over Northern Ireland.

In the past, The Twelth celebrations have led to violent clashes between some of the Catholic and Protestant populations in Northern Ireland, but steps have been taken in recent times to make the marches family-friendly events.


What happened today in history?

  • 1533 – Henry VIII and Catherine Parr marry in Hampton Court Palace.
  • 1690 – Battle of the Boyne is fought between the armies of King James II and William of Orange (William III).
  • 1962 – The Rolling Stones take to the stage for the first time (at the Marquee Club, London).


Who was born today?

  • 1730 – Josiah Wedgwood – English potter.
  • 1817 – Henry David Thoreau – American writer (author of Walden).
  • 1937 – Bill Cosby – American comedian and actor (The Bill Cosby Show).
  • 1976 – Anna Friel – English actress.


Who died today?

  • 1926 – Gertrude Bell – English archaeologist and spy.

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