Durham Castle Facts

Here are some facts about Durham Castle.

  • Durham Castle was built in the 11th century. It is located on a hill overlooking the River Wear in the city of Durham in the north of England.
  • The castle was founded by William the Conqueror soon after his victory in the Battle of Hastings. For several centuries, it was the home of the Prince Bishops of Durham.

  • Durham Castle and Durham Cathedral were constructed in just 40 years, which was fast for the time. The castle originally housed the bones of St. Cuthbert, a local evangelist.

Durham Castle

  • The castle was given to Durham University in 1832. Today, over 100 students still live there and eat their meals in the castle’s Great Hall.
  • During summer, when the students are gone, Durham Castle serves as a hotel.
  • The Norman Chapel is the oldest part of the building, and features carvings of animals and a mermaid. During World War 2 the chapel was used by the Air Force as an observation post.
  • The other chapel in the castle is Tunstall’s Chapel, named after its builder. It has a modern stained glass window, replacing the original one which was smashed by a runaway lawnmower.
  • One of the highlights of Durham Castle is the Black Staircase, named because it was made from dark oak wood. It is almost 60 feet high.
  • Palace Green is the open area that separates the castle from the Durham Cathedral. Originally full of wooden houses, this area is supposedly haunted by a small boy who was pushed off a balcony.
  • The centuries old cathedral still holds daily services, attended by locals and tourists. The cathedral is also home to the Durham Cathedral Choir.

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