Banksy: Facts and Information

Here are some facts about Banksy, the English street artist.

  • Banksy has managed to keep his true identity a secret. Many people think he is a man called Robert Gunningham.
  • He started off as a freehand graffiti artist and in the early nineties he was a member of the DryBreadZ Crew of Bristol.

  • He began to use stencils and by 2000 most of his work was produced by stencilling.
  • His work often contains a political message (often anti-war or anti-establishment) and he often incorporates images of rats, apes, soldiers, children and policemen.
  • Banksy has displayed his work in several exhibitions, such as Existencilism and Turf War.
  • Christina Aguilera bought two Banksy prints in 2006 for £25,000. His larger works, such as his Slave Labour mural are thought to be worth more than £400,000.
  • His work can be found in towns and cities all over the world, from Bristol and London in the UK, to San Francisco, Melbourne, New Orleans and the Israeli West Bank.
  • Banksy has published a book of his work, Wall and Piece, and he has directed the documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop.
  • Many people have been critical of Banksy’s work, viewing it as vandalism and not art.

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