The Battle of Boswoth Field: Facts and Information

The Battle of Bosworth Field was pretty much the last conflict of the Wars of the Roses, between the House of Lancaster and the House of York. It was fought on 22nd August 1485 and saw the Lancastrian leader, Henry Tudor (Henry VII), defeat the Yorkist forces and kill Richard III.

  • The exact site of the battlefield is still unknown.
  • Richard III tried to charge Henry, knowing that killing him would effectively bring an end to the battle. Richard managed to kill Henry’s standard-bearer, Sir William Brandon, but he failed to get close enough to Henry.

  • Richard III’s horse got stuck in the boggy ground of the battlefield. It is said that he was offered other horses by his men so that he could escape, but Richard refused. He fought on by foot until he was overwhelmed by the Lancastrian forces.
  • Richard III was the last Yorkist King, and the last English monarch to die on the battlefield.
  • After the battle, Richard III’s crown was found on the battlefield and Henry was crowned at the top of Crown Hill, near Stoke Golding. According to legend, the crown was found in a hawthorn bush by Lord Stanley.

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