Jane Seymour: Facts About the Third Wife of Henry VIII

Here are some facts about Jane Seymour, the third wife of King Henry VIII.

  • Jane Seymour was born in about 1508 at Wulfhall, Wiltshire.

  • Her father was John Seymour and her mother was Margery Wentworth.
  • She was distantly related to Henry VIII and she shared a great-grandmother with Henry’s second wife, Anne Boleyn.
  • In 1532, Jane was maid-of-honour to Henry’s first Queen, Catherine of Aragon, and she went on to serve Anne Boleyn.
  • King Henry married Jane Seymour at the Palace of Whitehall in London. The ceremony took place on 30th May 1536 – just eleven days after the beheading of Anne Boleyn.
  • Jane formed a very close relationship with Mary Tudor (later Mary I), the daughter of Henry and his first wife, Catherine. She played a part in restoring a relationship between Henry and Mary.
  • Jane Seymour became pregnant in 1537. She gave birth to the male heir so desired by Henry. Edward (later Edward VI) was born on 12th October 1537.
  • Jane Seymour attended Edward’s christening, but died on 24th October 1537. It is thought that the cause of death was related to complications following on from the birth of Edward.
  • Jane Seymour was buried on 12th November 1537 in st George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. She was the only one of his wives to receive a Queen’s funeral, and she was the only one to be buried with the King – he was buried next to her, at his request, when he passed away in 1547.

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