Minecraft Facts

Here are some facts about Minecraft.

  • Minecraft is a computer game in which players have to use large blocks to build different structures. The game also involves exploring, using resources, survival and fighting.
  • The game was created by Markus Persson, a Swedish computer programmer in 2009. It was later produced by Mojang, a Swedish video game company, and first released for the computer, and then for other platforms.

  • While gathering blocks, players can travel through forests, mountains, deserts and lakes. They can also encounter scary creatures, as well as other players, chickens, goats and pigs.
  • In Minecraft the weather changes after 2 hours of playing, which equates to 7 days in the game. The game also alternates between day and night, and changes every 20 minutes.
  • Minecraft also features 2 alternative dimensions called the End and the Nether.
  • The Ender Dragon protects an altar, attacks players with acid and is difficult to beat.
  • The Creeper is a character that can creep up on players and explode.
  • Over a million copies of Minecraft had been sold a month after it was first released.
  • It has won many awards including the fourth best game to play while at work.
  • Pumpkins are rarer than diamonds in the game of Minecraft. The game also features golden apples which help to fill up food supplies and restore a player’s health.
  • Because the game has become so popular, several other video games have mentioned Minecraft. Several similar game have been developed, including Total Miner and Ace of Spades.
  • The MineCon convention has been held every year since 2010 when 50 people attended.
  • About 40 million people have bought a copy of the game and about 15,000 people buy Minecraft in a typical hour.
  • LEGO have released several Minecraft sets. The first one was so popular that many stores sold out in Christmas 2012.

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