King Edward IV: Facts and Information

Here are some facts about King Edward IV.

  • Edward IV was King of England twice, once from 1461 to 1470, and again from 1471 to 1483. he was the first English king from the House of York.
  • He was born in 1442 in France and had great military skill, even at an early age.

  • He was also one of the tallest of all British monarchs, at 1.93 metres.

King Edward IV

  • Edward IV inherited the title of Duke of York when his father was killed in a battle. In several battles in the Wars of the Roses, Edward defeated the Lancastrians and became king in 1461.
  • The powerful Earl of Warwick tried to control Edward, and was eventually killed. Edward hid in France and the Netherlands for a year, but was restored to the throne in 1471.
  • Edward IV declared war on France in 1475, although ended up negotiating as he had little military support. The French gave him a gift of 75,000 crowns, a lot of money at the time.
  • Edward is known for being handsome and he had many mistresses. He also had at least 10 children, 2 of which were possibly murdered on the orders of his uncle, Richard III.
  • Whether two of his sons were actually murdered is one of history’s biggest mysteries. Some historians say they survived and returned to claim the throne under different names.
  • He liked fine clothes, furnishings and jewels. He also had a collection of beautifully illustrated historical manuscripts, 40 of which can be seen today in the British Library.
  • Edward helped to restore law and order in England and was also a successful businessman. He made the Duchy of Lancaster the property of the Crown, an arrangement still in place today.
  • Edward IV died in 1483 and was buried in Windsor castle. He may have died from pneumonia, typhoid, a generally unhealthy lifestyle, or he may even have been poisoned.

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