Easter Facts

Here are some facts about Easter.

  • Easter is an important Christian holiday, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The holiday can fall anywhere between the middle of March and the end of April, depending on the calendar. (The date of Easter is calculated using a lunar calendar).

  • Easter actually lasts for 40 days, the time representing the 40 days which Jesus spent wandering in the wilderness. The most important dates are Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
  • The celebration was originally called Pascha, from the Hebrew word Passover, and that name is still used in some countries. The name Easter probably comes from the name for an Anglo-Saxon goddess.
  • The tradition of the Easter Bunny bringing gifts was first mentioned in 17th century Germany. Over 90 million chocolate bunnies are manufactured every Easter.
  • The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all gave eggs as gifts. In many cultures, the egg has been seen a symbol of rebirth, and painting eggs is officially known as Pysanka.
  • The first Easter celebrations were in the 2nd century AD and were connected to the Jewish Passover celebration. The holiday has become commercialized, with non-Christian themes being added to it.
  • Chocolate eggs originated in Europe during the 19th century. In the United States alone, over 600 million eggs are sold during March and April, making Easter the second most popular holiday to eat chocolate.
  • Hot cross buns, made with raisins, are one of the most popular Easter treats. They were originally baked by monks and given to the poor people during Lent.
  • Easter eggs have been rolled on the White House lawn since 1878. In 1997, almost 10,000 children hunted for 500,000 hidden eggs in a huge egg hunt in Florida.
  • In Germany, people dance around Easter eggs and try to not break them, while in some European countries, people hit each other’s eggs with their own to try to smash them.

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