Norse Gods and Goddesses, Myths and Beliefs: Facts and Information

The Norse Myths were stories passed on by word of mouth (usually told by storytellers called bards). The tales featured the Viking gods and goddesses, and they formed part of the Viking religion.

The Vikings worshipped a large number of gods. These gods were divided into two types: Aesir (warrior gods) and Vanir (fertility gods).

The gods and goddesses of the Vikings were not immortal (they could be killed) and they could also express human emotions such as love, hatred and jealousy.

The Vikings or Norsemen also believed that elves lived in the woodlands and streams, dwarfs lived in underground halls, and trolls and giants lived in the mountains.

The Nine Worlds

The Vikings believed that there were nine worlds or realms. All of these worlds were supported by a massive ash tree called Yggdrasil. The nine worlds were:

  1. Asgard – home of the Aesir gods (the warrior gods)
  2. Vanaheim – home of the Vanir (the fertility gods)
  3. Alfheim – home of the Light Elves
  4. Midgard – Earth – the world of the humans, connected to Asgard by a rainbow
  5. Jotunheim – home of the Giants mountain stronghold (Utgard)
  6. Nidavellir -home of the Dwarfs
  7. Svartalfheim -home of the Dark Elves
  8. Niflheim – the Land of the Dead – a dark place ruled by Hel, Queen of the Dead.
  9. Muspell – a fiery place guarded by Surt and his blazing sword.

Gods, Goddesses and Other Characters from Norse Mythology

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