10 Terry Deary Facts

Here are some facts about Terry Deary.

  • Terry Deary was born on 4th March 1946 in Sunderland.
  • His father was a butcher and Terry worked in the butcher’s shop as a child.

  • He was a drama teacher, but stopped teaching to write full-time when the first books in the Horrible Histories series were published.
  • He has written over 200 books for children.
  • The Horrible Histories series has been made into a cartoon series and a comedy sketch show on the CBBC channel.
  • He doesn’t think schools are a good idea. He argues that schools (as we know them today) were invented by the Victorians to get children off the streets, and they are not the best way of educating modern day children.
  • .More than 25 million Horrible Histories books have been sold in more than 40 different countries.
  • Terry Deary doesn’t like the establishment (those in power). He didn’t respond when Prime Minister Tony Blair invited him to 10 Downing Street and he declined an invitation to meet Queen Elizabeth II.
  • He says that he owes Roald Dahl a lot. If Dahl hadn’t revolutionised children’s’ books with his grotesque brand of humour, the Horrible Histories would never have been published.
  • His hero is Guy Fawkes and his favourite monster is the chimera.

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