Fraction Games (Maths Games for Kids)

Below are some links to some great fraction games. The links will take you away from this site, and none of the games have been produced by Primary Facts.

  • Pizza Fractions (by Soft Schools) – Divide a pizza by using your knowledge of fractions.
  • Animal Rescue (by Sheppard Schools) – Rescue animals by correctly placing fractions on a number line.

Fraction Games – Equivalent Fractions / Simplifying Fractions


Ordering Fractions

  • Ordering Fractions (by Soft Schools) – Order the fractions by dragging them into place.
  • Balloon Pop (by Sheppard Software) – Pop the fraction balloons in size order.
  • Fraction Drag (by Science Kids) – Order fractions from smallest to largest.
  • Number Balls (by Sheppard Software) – Click the fraction balls in ascending order.


Calculating Fractions of Numbers or Quantities

  • Falling Numbers – Collect falling leaves by calculating fractions of a number.
  • Fractions of Quantities – Calculate fractions of numbers and quantities.
  • Egg Fractions (by Top Marks) – Calculate how many eggs from the batch must be cracked to match the fraction.
  • Mathman: Fractions of a Number (by Sheppard Software) – Based on Pacman. Calculate fractions of numbers to work out which ghosts are sfe to eat.


Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

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