Who Was Marco Polo? Facts and Information

Here are some facts about Marco Polo.

  • Marco Polo was born on 15th September 1254 in Venice.
  • His father was a wealthy merchant who traded with the Near East. He was often away and lived in for a time in Constantinople.

  • His mother died when he was young, and he was raised by his aunt and uncle.
  • His father met Marco for the first time in 1269, and in 1271 Marco Polo (aged 17), his father and his uncle set off for Asia.
  • Marco Polo’s adventures are recorded in The Travels of Marco Polo or Book of the Marvels of the World.
  • Marco Polo returned to Venice in 1295, 24 years after leaving. The group had travelled about 15,000 miles and had accumulated a fortune in gemstones.

Marco Polo

  • Marco Polo supported Venice in its war against the Republic of Genoa. He armed a ship and joined the fighting. He was caught by the Genoans.
  • Marco Polo was imprisoned for several years. He was finally released in August 1299.
  • He returned to Venice and funded several other trading expeditions.
  • He married Donata Badoer in 1300, and they had three daughters.
  • Marco Polo died on January 8th 1324.
  • Christopher Columbus was a great admirer of Marco Polo and his travels.
  • A breed of sheep is named after Marco Polo, and a ship bearing his name was, in 1851, the first to sail around the world in under six months.
  • Marco Polo Airport is in Venice.

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