Roald Dahl Fancy Dress: Charlie Bucket Costume

Charlie Bucket is the main character in the Roald Dahl classics, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.

If you’re are looking for a simple World Book Day costume or Roald Dahl Day costume, Charlie Bucket is a really good choice. It’s fairly simple to put together your own Charlie Bucket outfit. Simply wear old fashioned-looking clothes, such as a drab, dark-coloured stripey or checked top and plain trousers.

Make a golden ticket (just like the one Charlie Bucket found in his Wonka Bar in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), and you’re done! If you’re feeling creative, you could also make the Wonka Bar, too.

Charlie Bucket Costume Ideas
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You can also buy Charlie Bucket costumes.

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Boys Charlie Bucket Costume

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