Morocco: Facts and Information

Here are some facts about Morocco.

  • Morocco is located in North Africa and it is officially called the Kingdom of Morocco. Morocco’s landscape is mainly made up of rugged mountains and large areas of desert.
  • Morocco has a population of over 33 million and it has an area of 446, 550 square km.

  • The capital of Morocco is Rabat but Casablanca is its largest city. Other key cities include: Tangier, Marrakesh and Fes.
  • Morocco’s population is mostly Arab, Berber, or those with mixed Arab-Berber descent.

Flag of Morocco

  • Morocco has a constitutional monarchy and the Moroccan Prime Minister is the head of the government.
  • Islam is the major religion in Morocco.
  • The official languages of Morocco are Arabic and Berber. French is taught at all schools in Morocco because it is still widely used in the Moroccan media, and by business who deal with other French-speaking countries.
  • Since 1960, the Dirham is the currency of Morocco.
  • Soccer is the most popular sport in Morocco and the national team of Morocco has made it into the World Cup on four different occasions.
  • Couscous, a famous Berber dish of steamed semolina, forms a key part of many Moroccan dishes.
  • The Atlas Mountains are located in the south and centre of Morocco, and the Rif Mountians are located to the north of the country.
  • Morocco has both an Atlantic coastline and a Mediterranean coastline.
  • The south-east of Morocco is part of the Sahara Desert.
  • The Barbary lion, now extinct, is often used as a symbol of Morocco. The last Barbary lion was killed in the Atlas mountains in the 1920s.
  • Tourism is an important part of Morocco’s economy. In 2013, more than 10 million tourists visited the country.
  • Morocco became part of the Roman Empire in the first century BC.

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