The River Towy: Facts About the Longest River in Wales

The River Towy Fact File

Country: Wales

Length: 121 km (75 miles)

Source: Cambrian Mountains

Mouth: Camarthen Bay

Other Facts About the River Towy

  • The River Towy is the longest river which flows entirely in Wales. The River Severn, which flows through both England and Wales is the longest river in Britain.
  • The river forms a natural border between Powys and Ceredigion.
  • The Towy has many tributaries, including the Afon Gwili, the Cothi and the Doethie.
  • In 1972 a section of the river was dammed to form the Llyn Brianne reservoir which supplies much of SE Wales with drinking water.
  • The Towy is well-known for its sea trout and Atlantic salmon. The river also contains pike, eels, river lampreys and sea lampreys.
  • On July 28th 1932 Alec Allen caught the biggest freshwater fish ever caught with a rod and line in Britain. Alec Allen was trying to catch salmon near Nantgaredig , but instead he caught a massive sturgeon (which weighed 388 lb and was over nine feet in length). Apparently, a fisherman on the opposite bank saw the sturgeon and was so scared by its size that he ran off screaming in terror.
  • Otters can be seen on the River Towy and sometimes grey seals swim up the river in seach of sea trout and salmon.

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