Moldova: Facts and Information

Here are some facts about Moldova.

  • Moldova is a small country in eastern Europe, covering about 34,000 square km.
  • It is bordered by Ukraine and Romania and has a population of about 3.5 million.

  • Chisinau is the country’s largest city and capital. It is twinned with over 12 towns and cities, including Hull, and is the country’s cultural and educational centre.
  • Because of its strategic central location, Moldova has been occupied by the Goths, Huns, Mongols and Tartars.

Flag of Moldova

  • In 1812 Moldova became a part of the Russian Empire, and became independent in 1990.
  • The Criva cave system is one of the largest and longest in the world. The caves are on several levels and there are also 20 underground lakes which are rich in minerals.
  • Moldova has a long history of wine making, and most villagers grow their own grapes and produce their own wine. National Wine Day has been celebrated each year since 1991.
  • The wine cellars at Milestii Mici are the world’s largest. The cellars are over 200 km in length and are estimated to hold almost 2 million bottles of wine.
  • Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Many Moldovans would like to be part of neighbouring Romania and about 75 percent of residents speak Romanian.
  • Saharna Monastery is one of the largest religious buildings in Moldova. It is known for its altar carved out of the rock, and a footprint in the rock, said to be that of St. Maria.
  • The Gustar music festival takes place every August, featuring music and traditional foods. The Martisor music festival takes place in spring and features musicians from many eastern European countries.
  • Despite its small size, Moldova has 2 smaller regions that consider themselves independent countries. Transnistria declared independence from the rest of the country in 1990, resulting in a 2 year civil war.

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