Aztec Gods and Goddesses: Tlaloc Facts

Here are some facts about Tlaloc.

  • Tlaloc was an important god in Aztec religion. He was the god of water, rain, fertility and springs, as well as caves and it was believed that he lived in a cave.

  • Tlaloc was also the ruler of the Third Sun, a place with lots of water. The Third Sun disappeared after heavy rain, and people were replaced by animals such as dogs and turkeys.
  • He was an important god 800 years before the Aztecs thrived. He was married to the goddess of flowers, Xochiquetzal, who also made sure that pregnant women were healthy.
  • Many people were scared of him because he was able to send hail, lightning and thunder. He ruled the 4th layer of the heavens, a place where victims of drowning went to.
  • He is usually described as having long fangs and bulging eyes. He is sometimes shown as looking like a jaguar, and jaguar skulls and skeletons were often left as offerings to him,
  • A sanctuary dedicated to Tlaloc has been found on top of the 4,151 metre Mount Tlaloc in central Mexico. Evidence of human sacrifice has been found at the site.
  • It was said that Tlaloc owned four different large jugs of water. One of the jugs watered plants, one caused the plants to die, one caused frost, and one would lead to total destruction.
  • The followers of Tlaloc were buried with seeds and a stick for digging, when they died. They were dressed in paper and their foreheads were painted blue.
  • Ceremonies dedicated to Tlaloc took place at the end of the dry season, during March or April. Children were sacrificed to the god, to make sure it would rain during the year.
  • A huge 160 ton statue, possibly representing Tlaloc, was found in the Mexican town of Coatlinchan. It poured down with rain as the statue was taken away to a museum.

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