10 Anthony Horowitz Facts

Here are ten facts about Anthony Horowitz, the English children’s novelist and screenwriter.

  • Anthony Horowitz was born on 5th April 1955 in Middlesex, England.
  • As a child he used to tell stories to his friends at boarding school. He loved Dracula by Bram Stoker and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley , and he knew he wanted to be a writer from the age of 8.

  • He has two sons, Nicholas and Cassian.
  • His first book was published in 1979. It was called The Sinister Secret of Frederick K Bower.
  • In 2000 the first of Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider books was published. This was called Stormbreaker. There are nine Alex Rider books in total and Stormbreaker has been made into film.
  • Horowitz has written many scripts for television. In the 1980s, he wrote for the Robin of Sherwood series. In the 1990s he adapted several of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot stories. He also wrote the World War 2 TV drama, Foyle’s War.
  • His novel for adults, Mindgame, was released in 2001 and was adpted for the stage in 2008.
  • His three tips for writing fiction are: (1) Read more. (2) Write more. (3) Believe in yourself.
  • One of his favourite books is Great Exectations by Charles Dickens.
  • He listens to a lot of classical music, such as: Chopin, Benjamin Britten and Mozart.

A List of the Alex Rider Books by Anthony Horowitz

  1. Stormbreaker
  2. Point Blanc
  3. Skeleton Key
  4. Eagle Strike
  5. Scorpia
  6. Ark Angel
  7. Snakehead
  8. Crocodile Tears
  9. Scorpia Rising

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23 thoughts to “10 Anthony Horowitz Facts”

  1. we are reading stormbreaker at school for homework i read scorpia and it is awesome

  2. It’s very useful because I’m doing a homework about him ?

  3. Last year in school we read Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz and it was really good.I read the first few pages of Point Blanc but i didnt really like it much. Stormbreaker is better.

    1. i really liked point blanc as well but i read the comic first then the book so i guess i had the book from a better prospective

  4. I didn’t really like Point Blanc… He still writes amzing books

  5. Man! Thease books are so great! We had to read one of his books for homework,( I was not to keen at first) but I read Ark Angel and I LOVED it! Keep it up Anthony!

  6. I love the Alex Rider series. My favorite character is Alex and Yassen Gregorovich

  7. The Gatekeepers is the best book Anthony has ever written.

  8. Alex rider series are amazing. I could not put them down!

  9. Anthony is a true writing hero, and I admire him for every thing that he has done.My favourite one of his books is definitely Groosham Grange 2 books in 1.

  10. anthony horowitz is a great writer, but stormbreaker is by far the best!!!

    1. Agree storm breaker is amazing
      🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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