Ural River: Facts and Information

Ural River Facts

  • Before 1775, the river was known as the Yaik River.

  • It is the third longest river in Europe after the Volga River and the Danube River.
  • It’s major tributaries include, the Kushum, Derkul, Ilek, Or and Suunduk.
  • Most people believe that the Ural river marks the boundary between Europe and Asia.
  • the bridge over the Ural River at Orenburg has Europe carved on one side, and Asia carved on the other.
  • The Ural River delta is an important habitat for animals an birds. Many endangered species live here, including the great white pelican, the pygmy cormorant, the Eurasian spoonbill, the Northern mole vole and the tundra swan.
  • The river’s drainage basin is more than 235,000 square km.
  • It is possible to navigate the river as far as the city or Oral in Kazakhstan.
  • In winter, parts of the Ural River freeze over.

Ural River Fact File

Countries: Russia

Length: Approximately 2428 km (1509 miles)

Source: Ural Mountains, Russia

Mouth: Caspian Sea

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