Greek Gods and Goddesses: Facts About Hera

Here are some facts about the Greek Goddess Hera.

  • Hera was the daughter of the Titans, Cronos and Rhea.
  • She married her brother, Zeus, and became the Queen of the Gods.

  • Hera had two sons, Ares, the God of War, and Hephaestos, and two daughters, Eris and Hebe.
  • Hera was very powerful. She was incredibly beautiful, but she was also jealous and vain.
  • She was known as the protector of women.
  • Hera was jealous of Athene and Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Hera gave her support to the Greeks during the Trojan War because Paris, a prince of Troy, said that Aphrodite, and not Hera, was the most beautiful of the gods.
  • Hera had little time for mortals.
  • Hera’s symbol was the peacock.
  • She hated Heracles, one of Zeus’ sons, and she tried to kill him when he was a baby by sending two snakes to kill him as he slept in his crib. Heracles strangled them.
  • Hera was particularly worshipped in Crete and Samos.
  • Juno is the Roman equivalent to the Goddess Hera.

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