Giles Andreae: Facts and Information

Here are some facts about Giles Andreae.

  • Giles Andreae was born in 1966 in London, UK.

  • He went to school at Eton and then studied English at Oxford University.
  • Giles Andreae created the funny cartoon Purple Ronnie.
  • His wife is called Victoria and they have four children.
  • Giraffes Can’t Dance is his most well-known children’s book. Commotion in the Ocean is incredibly popular, too.
  • Rumble in the Jungle was the first children’s book he had published.
  • His favourite children’s book is Yertle the Turtle by Dr Seuss.
  • Some of the little things that make him happy are: cola fizzes, playing the guitar, Yorkshire puddings, his bed, unexpected kindness, pork scratchings, poetry, long hot baths and dishwashers.
  • To date, he has sold more than 3 million books.
  • Dr Seuss is his favourite children’s author.
  • Giles Andreae says that Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll and Spike Milligan were big influences on his work.
  • He didn’t enjoy maths lessons at school.
  • He once shared an office with Richard Curtis, the creator of Blackadder.
  • He loved reading the Nicholas books by Rene Goscinny to his own children.
  • Giles Andreae is good friends with David Cameron and was a member of the infamous Bullingdon Club, along with Cameron and Boris Johnson.

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