Meg Cabot: Facts and Information

Her are some facts about Meg Cabot, the author of The Princess Diaries.

  • Meg Cabot’s middle name is Patricia.

  • She was born on February 1, 1967 in Bloomington, Indiana, in the United States.
  • Her pen names include: Meggin Cabot, Patricia Cabot and Jenny Carroll.
  • During her writing career, Meg Cabot has written books for adults, teens and children. she has published more than 80 books.
  • When she was at high school she wanted to be a veterinarian.
  • After graduating from Indiana University, Meg Cabot wanted to be an illustrator.
  • She married Benjamin D. Egnatz (a writer and poet) on April Fool’s Days in 1993.
  • She has lived in Indiana, California, France, Florida and New York.
  • The Princess Diaries books are her most well-known works.
  • Disney made two The Princess Diaries movies, starring Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway.
  • She has written more than ten children’s books, including the Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls series, and the Olivia Grace series.
  • Meg Cabot is left handed.
  • When she was at school, Meg Cabot had a speech impediment. She had to leave lessons to visit speech and hearing specialists, and her classmates would sometimes tease her.
  • Meg Cabot writes incredibly quickly. At one point during her career, she was producing almost a book a month.
  • She was thirty years old when her first book was published.
  • She received lots of rejection letters from publishers before she was successful. She keeps these notes in a large US Postal bag under her bed in her New York apartment.
  • Her advice to aspiring writers is – ‘Don’t give up!’

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