Carl Warner: 10 Facts About the British Artist

Here are ten facts about Carl Warner, the famous British artist and TV director.

  • Carl Warner was born in Liverpool in 1963.
  • He studied illustration at Maidstone College of Art, but he realized that he preferred photography as it was faster. In 1982, he attended the London College of Printing, and he studied photography, film, and television.
  • In 1986, Warner set up his own studio in London, and he produced work for advertising agencies and marketing companies.
  • He became famous for his foodscapes (food art images made to look like famous landmarks). Using fresh vegetables, bread, cheese, and meats and fish, Warner created incredibly detailed and elaborate landscapes that looked real at first glance. His first foodscape image was called Mushroom Savanna, and it was completed in 1999.
  • His series of images titled Bodyscapes used the human body to create the illusion of landscape. He creates these images by photographing individual body parts and then combining them during the editing process to create a landscape.
  • In a promotional series of images, called Pizzascapes, for DiGiorno Pizza, Warner photographed pizzas in landscapes that were connected to the pizza’s topping.
  • His production company is named Frooty Films.
  • He has produced still-life photography for lots of famous brands including Nestle, Hugo Boss, and Whiskas.
  • Some of his most well-known works are titled the Broccoli Forest, Smoked Salmon Sea, London Skyline, and The Valley of the Reclining Woman.
  • He says he is influenced by lots of artists, including Roger Dean, Patrick Woodroffe, and Salvador Dali.
  • Carl Warner doesn’t have a sense of smell.
  • He loves the photography of Ansel Adams and is inspired by the films such as The Wizard of Oz and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (based on the Roald Dahl book).

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