Anne Frank: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Anne Frank. In order to make this post easier to follow, I’ve grouped similar questions together and provided a response which answers all of them.

Where was Anne Frank born? When was Anne Frank born? How old was Anne Frank?

Anne Frank was born on 12th July 1929. She was born in Frankfurt, Germany and her full name was Annelies Marie Frank. Her parents were Otto and Edith and she had an older sister, Margot.

Where did Anne Frank live? Where did Anne Frank go to school?

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt and she spent the first years of her life in Germany. To avoid the antisemitic laws of the Nazi Party (who were elected to power in Germany in 1933), the Franks relocated to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.  Anne attended a Montessori kindergarten in Amsterdam. Following the German invasion of the Netherlands in 1940, all Jewish children, including Anne and her sister Margot, were forced to go to Jewish only schools.

When did Anne Frank get her diary?

Anne received her diary as a gift for her thirteenth birthday. It was bound in a red and white checked cloth and it had a lock. It was actually meant to be a book for collecting autographs.

Why did Anne Frank go into hiding? When did Anne Frank go into hiding? Where was Anne Frank hiding? Where did Anne Frank hide? Who hid Anne Frank? Who did Anne Frank hide with? How long did Anne Frank stay in hiding? What did Anne Frank take with her?

Anne Frank, her parents, Otto and Edith, and her sister, Margot, went into hiding on Monday 6th July 1942. The hid in some rooms attached to a premises owned by Opekta (one of Otto’s companies). The hidden rooms were connected to to the Opekta office by a single doorway hidden by a bookcase. The hiding place was called the ‘Achterhuis’ or ‘Secret Annexe’.

Only a handful of people knew about the Franks hiding place. These were Victor Kugler, Miep Gies, Johannes Kleiman and Bep Voskuijl (all employees of Otto) and Gies’ husband, Jan, and Bep’s father, Johannes Hendrik. These people provided the Franks with the things they would need to survive. They were the only link the Franks had to the world outside the annex.

On 13th July 1942 the van Pels family joined the Franks in hinding. The van Pels family consisted of Hermann, Auguste and Peter (aged 16). Fritz Pfeffer (a dentist) also shared the rooms.

Anne Frank wasn’t able to take many possessions with her into the hidden rooms. She had to leave her cat behind. She was able to take clothes, books, her diary and some pictures of herself and her favourite movie stars.

The hiding place remained secret for more than two years.

When was Anne Frank found? How did Anne Frank get caught? Who told on Anne Frank? Who betrayed Anne Frank?

German police entered the hidden annex on 4th August 1944. They were following a tip from an informer. The name of the informer has never been identified, but Wilhelm van Maaren, Lena van Bladeren-Hartog and Tonny Ahlers have all been suspected and thoroughly investigated. Not enough solid evidence was found to say for certain who betrayed the Frank family.

Did Anne Frank die? When did Anne Frank die? What year did Anne Frank die? How did Anne Frank die? How old was Anne Frank when she died? Where did Anne Frank die?

Anne Frank and her sister, Margot, both died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in March 1945. Anne was just fifteen. Her mother, Edith, died of starvation in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Otto, Anne’s father, survived Auschwitz. He was the only one of the eight people hidden in the secret annex who was still alive at the end of world War 2.

Where is Anne Frank buried?

Following their deaths from typhus, the bodies of Anne and Margot were buried in a mass grave in Bergen-Belsen. The exact location is unknown. A memorial to Anne and Margot has been constructed at the former site of Bergen-Belsen.

Why was Anne Frank famous? Who was Anne Frank? Why is Anne Frank important?

After World War 2, Otto Frank decided to have Anne’s diary published. She had diligently written in it during her years in hiding in the secret annex. Anne is famous because of her diary, published as Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Readers of Anne’s diary identified with her and her efforts to make sense of and cope with incredibly difficult and cruel circumstances. To many, Anne Frank represents the millions of people who suffered and lost their lives in the Nazi concentration camps.

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