Natalie Foss Facts

Natalie Foss is a Norweigen illustrator and artist, best-known for her coloured pencil portraits.

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Facts About Natalie Foss

  • Natalie Foss was born in Oslo, Norway and she loved creating and drawing as a child.
  • She continued to draw throughout her childhood, and when she was eighteen years old, she realised she was a talented artist.
  • Natalie Foss went to the Strykejernet School of Art in Oslo, Norway. She also graduated from Kingston University in London in 2013 with a BA degree in illustration.
  • She mainly uses coloured pencils to create her works of art, many of which are vibrant portraits full of emotion.
  • She always uses photographs of people as a reference when she is creating her portraits.
  • Natalie Foss enjoys listening to music and going to gigs. She often plays music when she is in her studio.
  • She used to hate using primary colours, now she loves them and uses them in most of her drawings.

I love the texture you get from the colored pencils, and how you can draw from very light to very ‘compact. I feel I have control of the pencils, which I don’t feel with other types of medium, like for example watercolor or other ‘fluid’ mediums.

Natalie Foss
  • She has lived and worked in both Oslo and London.
  • She has produced artwork for a number of well-known companies, including Rolling Stone magazine, Penguin Random House, Wired UK, Entertainment Weekly, and Planet Rock.
  • Natalie Foss was inspired by the work of the artists Frida Kahlo, Alfons Mucha, and Hope Gangloff.
  • Five of her favourite things are dogs, the Northern Lights, brand-new coloured pencils, the night sky, and freshly-baked vegan cakes.
  • She says she is very patient.
  • Natalie Foss enjoys looking at the portrait work of the artist Kemi Mai.
  • She has a twin sister called Madelen who is also an artist. The sisters share studio space in Oslo.
  • She enjoys drinking coffee.
  • Natalie Foss finds inspiration in “people, music, animals, subcultures, feelings, fashion, thoughts and a good cup of coffee”.
  • The artist Becki Gill cites Natalie Foss as a major inspiration.

Always trust your own feelings. Especially your gut feelings!

Natalie Foss

You can find rhythm, space, emotions and harmony in both music and visual art, and maybe that´s why they go so well side by side.

Natalie Foss