Dean Russo Facts

Dean Russo is an American artist best-known for his street-art-inspired portraits of animals.

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Facts About Dean Russo

  • Dean Russo was born in Brooklyn, New York, US.
  • As a child, Dean Russo was encouraged to make art and he enjoyed creating and drawing cartoon characters.
  • He studied graphic design and fine arts at the Pratt Institute in New York, US.
  • He began his life as an artist by painting celebrity portraits, but he transitioned to painting animals. His first animal paintings were of his two Cocker Spaniel dogs.
  • He always begins his paintings of animals with the eyes.
  • Many of his animal paintings feature Pit Bull dogs, but he has also featured other dog breeds, as well as cats and horses.

My greatest inspirations: art and animals.

Dean Russo
  • His work combines an image of an animal with a bold outline, a colourful palette, and doodles and abstract patterns.
  • Dean Russo has produced portraits of Bob Dylan, David Byrne, Michael Jackson, Queen Elizabeth II, John Lennon, Jimi Hendri, and Marilyn Monroe, to name but a few.
  • He works with mixed media, combining ink, charcoal, was, pastels, acrylic paint, and spray paint, and using had-cut stencils. His artworks can often include up to 10 different mediums, and a multitude of layers.
  • Dean Russo’s style is heavily influenced by graffiti, street art, and the Pop Art movement.
  • He is a keen musician, and he started to pursue a music career before he became a full-time artist.