Andy Maitland Facts

Andy Maitland is an English artist who creates artwork using a tablet. He describes himself as an iPad artist.

Facts About Andy Maitland

  • Andy Maitland lives and works in Surrey, England.
  • His artwork is created on an iPad, and it is usually inspired by the landscapes of the county of Surrey.
  • He has been using an iPad as a tool to create art since 2011, using either a stylus or his fingers to make digital marks on the screen.
  • He often uses the Brushes Redux iPad app to create his art.
  • He often works outdoors, drawing directly onto his iPad from observation.
  • Andy Maitland has created artwork for numerous companies and clients, including Apple, London Heathrow Airport, the Hurlingham Club, the NHS, the Royal Horticultural Society, and the London Symphony Orchestra.
Andy Maitland
Rudbeckia, Penstemon with Buddleia 1 – Andy Maitland
  • His first solo gallery show was in 2016.
  • In 2018, he experimented with incorporating augmented reality elements into his work, allowing his audience to use their phones to fuse his work with the real world.
  • In 2019, he added animated elements to his iPad drawings.
  • Since 2020 Andy Maitland has started to create abstract iPad art.
  • His work has been exhibited at the V&A Museum in London.
  • A collection of his work has been turned into a digital iBook called iPad Paintings & Drawings. It is available from Apple’s iBookstore.
  • He regularly gives talks about his artistic process and the work he has created.
  • He sells his artwork on his website. The iPad drawings are printed onto large acrylic panels.

Andy Maitland’s website.

Autumn Mist by Andy Maitland
Autumn Mist – Andy Maitland