Emma Dibben Facts

Emma Dibben is an English artist, best known for her illustrations and paintings of food.

Facts About Emma Dibben

  • Emma Dibben comes from Sheffield, UK.
  • She graduated from Falmouth College of Art in 2004 with a degree in Illustration.
  • Emma Dibben has provided artwork for dozens of clients, including Waitrose, Time Out, the BBC, The Guardian, Kew Gardens, Country Life, The Natural History Museum, Penguin Books, and Hodder & Stoughton.
  • Her work has appeared on a range of products and in numerous publications, including newspapers, magazines, greetings cards, jam jars, carrier bags, juice cartons, and ceramics.
  • She loves nature and the outdoors, and she takes inspiration from the fruit and vegetables growing in her allotment garden.
  • She has studio space in the Jamaica Street Studios in Bristol.

Rather than having a punishing day stuck at my desk when nothing is flowing, gardening and time in nature keeps me inspired and uplifted. It helps the energy flow.

Emma Dibben
  • Her allotment is only a ten-minute bike ride from her studio.
  • She enjoys listening to Russell Brand’s podcast Under the Skin when she’s working.
  • Emma Dibben has provided the illustrations for several cookery books, including Tracklements Savoury Preserves, The Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to 2018, and Saladish by Ilene Rosen.
  • She uses watercolour paints and takes a mobile studio with her whenever she is traveling. This consists of a small hand-luggage-sized suitcase, several pads of A3 watercolour paper, an A5 sketchbook, a set of watercolours, a 14 ml jar of Indian ink, a handful of pencils, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, a brush wrap with brushes and sketching pens, an A4 flatbed scanner, and a Macbook Air.
  • Emma Dibben’s larger-scale works incorporate oil paint, graphite, and screen printing techniques.
  • In an interview promoting Bristol Food Connections, Emma Dibben talks about her process. She begins by sketching the food in pencil, then she adds layers of watercolour paint, going from light to dark. She works quite loosely and messily.
  • She enjoys wild swimming in lakes and rivers.
  • In addition to producing work for clients, Emma Dibben also sells her work through her website and via her Etsy store.
  • Emma Dibben is a keen cook.
  • She has travelled all over the world, and she has worked in studios in Mexico, Peru, Portugal, and France.