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Christmas in Argentina: Facts About Argentinian Christmas Traditions

Here are some facts about Argentinian Christmas traditions, celebrations and customs.

  • Christmas in Argentina is a popular holiday, which starts in early December, and lasts until Epiphany on January 6th. It is a blend of European, Hispanic and American traditions.

  • Many celebrations take place on Christmas Eve. Most Argentinians are Catholics and attending Midnight Mass on December 24th is an important part of celebrating the holiday.
  • The main Christmas meal is enjoyed on Christmas Eve, often late at night. Roast turkey, roast pork or goat is popular, as is salad, and a selection of festive breads and cakes.
  • One of the most popular desserts during Christmas in Argentina is pan dulce. This sweet bread is stuffed with nuts, raisins and dried fruit and enjoyed all through the season.
  • Barbecues and picnics are popular at Christmas, as it is summer in Argentina. Many restaurants are also open on Christmas Day, and offer a special seasonal menu, as well as live music.
  • Many Argentinians enjoy fireworks on Christmas Eve, as well as globos. These are traditional paper decorations with lights inside them, which are released in to the night to float away.
  • Houses are often decorated with wreaths of coloured flowers, and red and white garlands hung in doorways. Cotton balls are often hung from the Christmas tree to represent snow.
  • An important decoration in many homes and churches during Christmas in Argentina is a traditional nativity scene, or pesebre. It is usually placed close to the Christmas tree.
  • Children are usually given their presents on January 6th, a day known as Three Kings Day. The custom is to leave shoes outside the door, filled with water and hay for the Wise Men’s horses.
  • Most people in Argentina don’t give or send Christmas cards. Christmas presents are usually only given to family and close friends.

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