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Mont Blanc Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc (French for White Mountain) is the highest mountain in the European Union, at 15,781 feet. It is located in the French Alps, very close to the border with Italy. The first recorded ascent was in August, 1786 by Jacque Balmat and Michel Paccard, and the… Continue Reading

Mont Ventoux Facts

Here are some facts about Mont Ventoux. Mont Ventoux is located in the Provence region of France. It is about 1900 metres high and is easily the highest point in the region. The mountain is known as the Beast of Provence, and some people refer to it as the Bald Mountain. Mont Ventoux is associated… Continue Reading

Mount Carmel: Facts and Information

Here are some facts about Mount Carmel. The name Mount Carmel has caused confusion because it doesn’t refer to one peak, but rather to an entire mountain range. The mountain range is located in the northern part of Israel and it extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the settlement of Jenin. The Mount Carmel range… Continue Reading

Snow Leopard: Facts and Information

Snow Leopard Fact File Latin Name: Panthera uncia Colour: White and yellow, with black stripes and spots. Length: 2.3m (about 7′ 6″) Habitat: The slopes of mountains (up to heights of about 3000 metres) Range: Mountainous regions of Asia (including, Russia, Tibet and China) Facts About Snow Leopards Snow leaopards are also known as ounces.… Continue Reading

Mount Kilimanjaro Facts: Information About the Highest Mountain in Africa

Kilimanjaro Fact File Country: Tanzania, Africa Height: 5895 m Location: Kilimanjaro National Park First recorded ascent of Kilimanjaro: In October 6, 1889 a group including Hans Meyer (a German geologist) and Ludwig Purtscheller (an Austrian mountaineer) reached the summit of Kibo, one of three volcanic cones of Kilimanjaro. Other Facts About Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro is a… Continue Reading