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Mount Elbrus: Facts About the Highest Mountain in Europe

Here are some facts about Mount Elbrus.

  • Mount Elbrus is a volcano located in the Caucasus Mountains in Russia. At 5,642 metres in height, it is the highest mountain in Europe.

  • It actually consists of two summits, one about 40 metres higher than the other. The higher peak was first climbed in 1874 by a British expedition led by F. Crauford Grove.
  • Although it is a volcano, it is dormant and there is no record of it ever erupting. However, there are about 260 square km of lava fields and volcanic debris on the mountain.
  • Mount Elbrus is one of the Seven Summits, the name given to the highest mountains on each of the seven continents.

Mount Elbrus

  • The name Elbrus probably comes from a legendary mountain in Iranian mythology.
  • One of Europe’s highest outhouses, or toilets, is located on Mount Elbrus. It is covered in snow and ice and perched at the end of a large lump of rock.
  • In 1956, a group of 400 mountaineers climbed Mount Elbrus at the same time.
  • About 30 climbers die on the mountain each year, making it one of the deadliest.
  • A cable car built in the 1960s takes visitors to a height of 3,800 metres. From there it is a simple climb to the summit and there are several refuges, or mountain huts, offering shelter.
  • In 1997, a Russian team tried to drive a Land Rover to the summit. They used a winch and chains to pull it the last few metres to the summit and constantly had to replace the parts.
  • Mount Elbrus is important in Greek mythology. It is the place where Zeus imprisoned Prometheus and sent an eagle with long wings to eat his liver.
  • The Elbrus world race first took place in 1990. It is a series of winter sporting events on and around the mountain and in 2014 attracted over 350 athletes from 16 countries.

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