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Trench Art: Facts and Information

What is Trench Art? Trench art is a term used to describe any decorative items made by soldiers, prisoners of war and members of the public as a result of a war taking place. Pieces of trench art wouldn’t exist if armed conflicts didn’t happen. A massive amount of trench art was produced by the… Continue Reading

How Long Did World War 1 Last?

World War 1 started on 28th July 1914, following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria (the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary). In response, the Austro-Hungarians declared war on Serbia and invaded. A web of alliances and treaties drew other countries into the conflict. Russia readied its troops in support of Serbia, and… Continue Reading

How did World War 1 start?

Before World War 1 started, a series of defence alliances existed between many European countries. If one country declared war against another, other countries would be forced, by treaty, to enter the conflict. France, Britain and Ireland, and Russia formed an alliance known as the Triple Entente. Germany was allied with Austria-Hungry. They were known… Continue Reading

Who was Lord Kitchener? Facts and Information

Here are some facts about Lord Kitchener. Lord Kitchener was a senior British army officer, who played an important part during World War I. His face is familiar from propaganda posters urging young men to join the army. Kitchener was born in Ireland in 1850. He fought in the Franco-Prussian war. He joined the Royal… Continue Reading

More Facts About World War 1

Here are some more World War 1 facts. Geoffrey Keynes, a surgeon from Britain, designed a portable blood transfusion kit. It saved thousands of lives during World War 1. Over 3000 of Britain’s motor vehicles were turned into ambulances and used on the western front. Some London buses became ambulances. Many World War 1 ambulances… Continue Reading