Amazon River Dolphin Facts

Here are some facts about the Amazon River Dolphin.

  • The Amazon River Dolphin is a freshwater dolphin.
  • They are only found in the water of the Amazon River, the Orinoco River and the Araguaia River.

  • An Amazon River Dolphin is also often referred to as a Pink River Dolphin, a Boto or a Bufeo.
  • They can grow up to lengths of more than 2.5 metres.
  • The dolphins vary in colour. Some are gray and some are pink.
  • They eat a range of food, including: shrimp, piranha, crabs, small turtles and catfish.
  • Amazon River legends describe how some of the dolphins are shape-shifters and can leave the river in human form. Other traditional tales say that dolphins can give you nightmares if you stare into their eyes.
  • It is thought that the Amazon River Dolphin population is in decline, but there is not enough accurate data yet to say this with certainty.
  • They have few natural predators, but have reportedly been killed by jaguars, caimans and anacondas.
  • The dolphins use echolocation to find their prey in the muddy and murky river water.
  • They don’t have a dorsal fin, instead they have a humped back.

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