What is Argon used for?

Argon, one of the noble gases. It is colouress, tasteless, odourless and very inert. It has many uses.

  • Argon is used in graphite electric furnaces to stop the graphite burning.

  • Silicon and germanium crystals are grown in an argon atmosphere.
  • Argon is used in the arc welding process.
  • It is used by winemakers to top-off barrels, preventing the aerial oxidation of ethanol as the wine ages.
  • It is used as a food additive (E938) to displace oxygen and moisture in food packaging.
Argon glows a violet colour when placed in a high voltage field (Source)
  • Important documents are often stored in cases filled with argon. This helps to preserve them.
  • In the cryoablation process, argon in a liquid form is used to destroy cancer cells.
  • Surgical blue argon lasers are used to weld arteries and correct defects of the eyes.
  • Electric filament lights are filled with argon. This helps to protect the filaments when they reach high temperatures.
  • Argon is used to produce green and blue laser lights.
  • Energy efficient windows use argon as a thermal insulation. It fills the air-space between window panes.
  • Some scuba diving dry suits are inflated with argon.
  • It is used during the stainless steel manufacturing process.