Berlin: Facts About the Capital of Germany

Here are some facts about Berlin.

  • Berlin has been the capital of Germany since 1990.
  • The city has a population of 3.5 million people, making it the largest in Germany and the 7th largest in the European Union.

  • It is well known for its museums, night life, open spaces, universities and high standard of living. About 30 percent of its area consists of parks, gardens and lakes.
  • The Berlin U-bahn is one of the largest underground systems in the world, carrying 400 million passengers every year. Many stations have striking designs, including some with a 7 metre high platform roof.
  • Berlin is said to be the only city in the world with 3 opera houses. The city also has an estimated 15 theatres and concert venues, and 2 world class zoos.
  • It is home to more than 100,000 students.
  • KaDeWe is one of the largest department stores in Europe, covering over 60,000 square metres. The food court sells over 1,200 types of sausage, ham and bacon.
  • Exploring Berlin by boat is popular as within the city there are over 180 km of navigable waterways. The city also has an estimated 1,700 bridges, far more than Venice.


  • There are 9 castles in the city, including the spectacular Schloss Charlottenburg. The 17th century palace is famous for its beautiful gardens and collection of 18th century French paintings.
  • Berlin has an estimated 6,500 cafes and restaurants, over 500 ice cream parlours and several vineyards.
  • A popular sweet treat in the city is a doughnut filled with marmalade.
  • The International Berlin Beer Festival often features over 2,000 beers from almost 100 countries. It also boasts the longest beer garden, stretching for over 2 km.Berlin is home to hundreds of film and TV production companies. Many films have been set in the city, including The Blue Angel, Funeral in Berlin and the Bourne Supremacy.
  • During World War 2 much of Berlin was destroyed in air raids from 1943-1945, and during the Battle of Berlin.
  • After the end of World War 2, Berlin was divided. East Berlin was the capital of East Germany, and West Berlin, divided from East Berlin by the Berlin Wall, was a West German territory in East Germany.
  • The Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and East and West Germany reunified in 1990.