Greek Gods and Goddesses: Facts About Eros

Here are some facts about the Ancient Greek God Eros.

  • He has the power to make anyone fall in love by shooting them with an arrow from his golden bow.
  • Eros was full of mischief and he was romantic.
  • He fell in love with Psyche (a mortal) when he grazed himself with his own magic arrow. They started a relationship in secret, but Aphrodite found out and she wasn’t pleased. Aphrodite didn’t think she was good enough for Eros. She set about challenging Psyche. Pshyche, with the help of Eros, passed the tests. Zeus was impressed by the efforts Eros and Psyche had made. He smoothed things over with Aphrodite and made Psyche immortal so that she and Eros could be together.
  • Eros often got his amusement by making poorly matched people fall in love.
  • He had wings and always carried his bow and arrows with him.
  • Eros was the youngest of the gods.
  • Eros had a brother called Anteros. Anteros punishes those who reject the loving advances of others.

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