Greek Gods and Goddesses: Apollo Facts

Here are some facts about the Ancient Greek God Apollo.

  • Apollo’s father was Zeus and his mother was a Titaness called Leto.
  • Artemis, the hunter, is his twin sister.

  • In Ancient Greek mythology, Apollo was the Sun God. He was responsible for the movement of the Sun across the sky. He moved the Sun with a chariot pulled by golden horses.
  • Apollo was also the god of archery, prophecy and music.
  • He was a skilled musician and played the lyre.
  • Apollo killed the Python at Delphi, allowing him to establish the famous Oracle.
  • Apollo was proud and artistic. He could be cruel, yet was very caring towards his mother and sister.
  • He carried a golden bow and arrows and he often appeared to be gold and shimmering himself, like the Sun.
  • Apollo was associated with woods and forests, and the raven was his special bird.
  • He had three sons: Orpheus, Asclepius and Aristaaeus.
  • Apollo had healing powers.

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