Cathy Cassidy: Facts and Information

Here are some facts about Cathy Cassidy.

  • She was born in Coventry in 1962.
  • When she was a girl, she used to write picture books for her younger brother.

  • She went to art school in Liverpool and then went on to work as fiction editor on Jackie magazine.
  • After marrying her boyfriend, Liam, she trained as an art teacher.
  • She taught for a few years in Coventry, and then she moved to Scotland.
  • Cathy Cassidy¬†is a vegan.
  • She loves vintage clothes and old toys and books.
  • Cathy has two grown-up children.
  • She enjoys walking her dogs, swimming and gardening.
  • When she was a child, she enjoyed reading the Chronicles of Narnia series by C. S. Lewis, Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome and Little House on the Prarie by Lauran Ingalls Wilder.
  • Her first book, Dizzy, was published in 2004.
  • On average it takes her between 4 and 6 months to write one of her books.
  • she really admires the YA authors John Green and Meg Rosoff.
  • She has written more than 25 books.
  • Cathy Cassidy writes a daily blog called Dreamcatcher. Check it out here.