Powis Castle: Facts and Information

Here are some facts about Powis Castle.

  • Powis Castle was built in the 13th century as a Royal residence. Other nearby castles, such as Caernarfon Castle and Conwy Castle were built to help the English control the neighbouring Welsh population.

  • It is located near the town of Welshpool, in the county of Powys, mid-Wales.
  • The castle is famous for its terraces, parks and gardens, and fine furnishings.
  • The original owner was Owain, the Prince of Powys. During the next few centuries, the castle was owned by several different Barons, Earls and Lords, some of whom made improvements.
  • The castle’s state bedroom was designed in the 1660s. It is the only surviving castle bedroom in the UK with railings separating the bed from the rest of the bedroom.
  • The beautiful gardens at Powis Castle were designed in the 1680s by architect William Winde. They were built in the style of an Italian terraced garden and a Dutch water garden.
  • The gardens were designed to be more formal in the 19th century. Today, the greenhouses are heated by solar panels and the plants are sold in the castle shop.

Powis Castle

  • Deer were introduced to the grounds over 300 years ago. Birds of prey, butterflies, snakes and bats can also be seen in the grounds and there are several beehives.
  • Major improvements to Powis Castle were made at the start of the 20th century.
  • During World War II, a London girl’s school was evacuated to the castle to be safe from German bombing.
  • The castle’s Clive Museum is named for Clive of India and is the largest of its kind in the UK. It features over 300 statues, suits of armour, weapons and Indian decorative items.
  • The rooms at Powis Castle are filled with valuable and unique items. These include a medieval prayer book, a Roman statue of a cat, and the colourful cotton tent of an Indian sultan.

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